Since 2013

Producing traditional leather goods

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Sheriff and Punch started out of love for creating unique leather products. Working with leather began as a hobby besides my study, but I soon discovered it became a lot more than just a hobby. The ability to express my creativity in leather made me realize this is a wonderful craft. Being able to work with my hands and create traditionally made leather products is one of the most fun and satisfying things to do. My discovery made it possible for others to enjoy my craftmanship. Every item is made with love and has some Sheriff and Punch to it.


Accessories and leather gear are products people use everyday. They have a function and are often essential in your daily use. Beside their function, my products serve as a statement of personal lifestyle. Sheriff and Punch shows that your daily used products can be created with care and true craftmanship.


My Leather crafted products are made from vegetable tanned leather, the best material to work with. It is strong, durable and when it’s treated well it will become even more beautiful.


Leather needs patience and good care. The products need time to adjust to you so it will become flexible and more fitted over time. Therefore Sheriff and Punch provides fine leather wax made by natural ingredients to make the process go smoothly.